Julienne Battalia LAc., LMP


I have been practicing energy medicine  and bodywork since 1985, but  I can trace my attraction healing work  back to age ten,  when I began to practice yoga, and to  age 16 when I began the  practice of meditation. I graduated from Oberlin College in 1983 with a   BA in Comparative Religious Philosophy.

After graduation I lived for three years in San Francisco studying chakra healing and energy balancing. From San Francisco I worked and studied at Heartwood Healing Arts  Institute,  in the mountains of Northern California.  There I studied  Asian Perspectives on Food as Medicine , Polarity Therapy,  Jin Shin Do Acupressure,  yoga,  Gestalt Therapy,  Holotropic Breath Work,  Native American Healing Ceremonies, and Massage Therapy. While  at Heartwood  I meet several  women from Lopez Island, came to visit, and in October of 1986 I moved to Lopez Island.

In Washington State I continued to  study massage therapy  and received my  WA State Massage License 1988.  In 1989, Aimee Nassoiy and I opened Lopez Massageworks.  I continued my education with studies in:  Paul St. John  Neuromuscular  Trigger  Point  Therapy,  Structural Integration,  Cranio-Sacral Therapy, Zero Balancing,  Qi Gong, meditation, and Reiki.  I  taught  yoga   on Lopez from 1986-2002.

I graduated from Middle Way Acupuncture Institute in 2009,  with a WA State License in  East Asian Medicine,  adding  acupuncture, Chinese nutritional healing,  cupping,  moxa,  and tuning forks to my practice.  In August of 2010 I joined office space in affiliation with Healing Energy Arts of Lopez (HEAL).

I am presently studying Chinese and Western Herbal Therapy.

After 27 years, I find  I am still in love with Lopez, each day I continue to be  dazzled by a moment of stunning beauty and elegance.

To find out more about my practice go to : http://www.lopezislandacupuncture.com