Wendy Westervelt

Master Level Reiki Practitioner

Birth & Postpartum Doula

Wendy is a master level Reiki practitioner of many years, offering treatment and training at H.E.A.L., in your own home and in her private studio. She is a Doula, mother and grandmother. Reiki is incorporated into and is at the center of all she does in service, simplicity and beauty. Through Reiki she offers supportive, nourishing energy to you on your unique path. She has studied Reiki with both Norma Jean Young and Libby Barnett in the Usui tradition. She has recently studied High Touch Jin Shin levels 1 and 2.  She is also a trained Labor Support and Postpartum Doula. Wendy loves life and practices gratitude every day.

 Wendy offers Reiki treatment as support for wellness ,as well as in acute situations such as before and/or after surgery, as an adjunct to conventional therapies for cancer, as pain relief, and for prenatal women before and during birthing. Fathers also benefit from Reiki treatment, helping transition into parenthood.  She also offers training upon request. Her dream is to see a Reiki practitioner in every family. Reiki is energy medicine that is easily accessible to people of all ages, and it is this simplicity that continues to inspire her to share it.

Reiki is both a healing modality and a path of self-awareness and self love, allowing us to be in the present moment fully through touch relaxation. It is a non-manipulative energy therapy that uses still touch, a simple placement of hands on the body, fully clothed, either laying down or sitting. The Reiki practitioner offers  life force energy, acting as a conduit. The recipient’s own being draws the energy through the practitioner. Receiving Reiki is like being held and nourished on a cellular level, promoting deep relaxation that allows you to come home to yourself.

Wendy is also presently studying High Touch Jin Shin and offers this in conjunction with Reiki when appropriate.

She also offers Doula support for birthing and the postpartum period, usually three weeks to three months.

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